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  • Civil Forfeiture Team

Civil Forfeiture Team

The Civil Forfeiture Team (CFT) work towards removing unlawful cash, or cash that is to be used for unlawful conduct, from the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Civil Forfeiture is usually used for drug-law enforcement, but increasingly it can be used for other laws, such as prostitution, shoplifting, fraud or other illegal activities. The GBA only has to suspect that the cash is being used in connection with some activity that is either unlawful conduct or to be used for unlawful conduct.

Civil Forfeiture applies to the confiscation of cash by the GBA when it is considered a civil case rather than a criminal case, or if for some reason a criminal case is not brought to court.


Objectives of the Civil Forfeiture Team:

- To focus on the development, in conjunction with the Asset Forfeiture Lawyer, on non conviction-based asset forfeiture;

- To maximising the amounts of funds confiscated;

- To establish a realistic benchmark for future activity;

- To develop and form relationships with international partners;

- To establish knowledge of the civil forfeiture powers available in Guernsey in order to remove criminal proceeds of crime in a timely and effective manner;

- To use Civil Forfeiture in Guernsey to further the objectives of the FIU.



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