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Bank Official Cold Calling Scam 06 October 2014

FIU would like islanders to be aware of a recent scam that has been successful in defrauding Jersey residents out of significant sums of money. There are now reports of Guernsey residents being targeted too.

The fraudster gains the victim's confidence and makes them believe their account has been compromised. A variety of deceptions are used to arrange for the victim to transfer money out of their account and into a new account provided by the fraudster.

In some cases the caller may simply inform the victim that their bank card has been fraudulently used and then obtain the account information by asking the victim to confirm their bank details.

Please be aware that, in an attempt to sound legitimate, the fraudster often invites the victim to call them back, and will either provide a mobile number, encourage them to call 999 or dial the number on the back of their bankcard.

What in fact happens is the original call is never disconnected as the line remains open for approximately three minutes. So, although the victim believes they are dialing 999 or their bank, they are in fact still on the line to the fraudster.

The fraudster then provides an account for the victim to transfer their money into.
 Islanders are encouraged to note the following:
• Never give your PIN or bank card details to any cold callers
• If you are contacted by someone who asks for these, hang up
• Use a different phone to report the call to police or allow at least five minutes for your phone line to clear automatically
• Banks will never ask you to transfer money
• In case of doubt, do not provide any details - attend your bank in person

Please contact the Financial Investigation Unit Tel 01481 755844 if you require any further information.