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Guernsey Police are sending a strong warning to Islanders to be aware of an employment scam advert that has appeared recently in local classified ads. The scam titled; WORK AND EARN offers employment as a freelancer, earning allegedly £250 - £300 for 5-7 hours a week.

The scam in brief 'employs' individuals as a secret mystery shopper, who then receive funds, generally in the shape of a Foreign currency cheque which they are instructed to place in their account to clear.

(This can take up to 6 weeks - but can show in the balance within days)

The shopper is then instructed to perform their assignment by sending a large portion of the funds via Western Union - to measure their 'quality of service'. The shopper is told they can keep the £200 - £300 as their commission. Two or three of these transactions can be completed in a fairly short space of time. It is not until the shopper is contacted by their bank, stating the cheques are either stolen or bounced which can be 6-8 weeks down the line. They then realise they have been subject to fraud and can possibly be in the red to the tune of several thousand pounds.

Any person who has concerns in relation to this advertisement and requires advice can contact Detective Constable Nigel Henaghen - Guernsey Police Commercial Fraud Department.