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Local Man Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment For Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

Simon James Aynsley DOMAILLE a 33 year old local man appeared before the Royal Court of Guernsey on 12th November 2012 where he was sentenced to a total of five years imprisonment after being found 'Guilty' at trial heard between 17th and 20th September 2012 for a total of 11 offences that included money laundering, importation of Class A, B & C controlled drugs and the possession of Class A, B & C controlled drugs.

The drugs involved in this case had a local resale value of between £24,900 and £33,200.

During 2011 Guernsey Border Agency Officers identified DOMAILLE ordering controlled drugs from a Jersey based resident.

The most prominent drug was Mephedrone, imported in tablet form under the marketing name of 'LU Doves'. Mephedrone is a Class B controlled drug.

Examination of DOMAILLE'S finances identified several cash deposits into his bank accounts that did not appear legitimate. Payments to a suspect Jersey bank account were also identified.

DOMAILLE's travel activity was examined and several trips to the UK were confirmed around the time of the payments going to Jersey.

Evidence was obtained showing once DOMAILLE had ordered and paid for the drugs he would have them delivered to a Hotel in the UK from where he would collect them before importing them into Guernsey for onward distribution.

On the 17th September 2011 Guernsey Border Agency Officers spoke to DOMAILLE on his return to the Island after a trip to Spain. DOMAILLE was found to have a number of tablets containing a mix of the Class 'B' controlled drugs 'Butylone' and 'Mephedrone' and others were found to contain the Class C controlled drug 'Piperazine'.

Guernsey Border Agency Officers searched DOMAILLE'S home were they found personal use amounts of Cannabis and Cannabis Resin, tablets containing MDMA (Ecstasy) and other tablets containing the Butylone and Mephedrone mix as well as tablets containing Piperazine.

DOMAILLE denied any knowledge of ordering drugs but did state to officers that whilst he did deal with a Jersey based web company, he was ordering sex toys which he would then export to Spain and sell which accounted for his unexplained income. Evidence from the dispatching company produced invoices clearly showing the ordering of the Mephedrone tablets and not sex toys as claimed.

DOMAILLE appeared for trial before the Royal Court between the 17th and 20th September 2012 where he was found guilty on all counts.

The judge commented that DOMAILLE was business like in his operation which was financially motivated and well planned. All money laundering offences will be dealt with by way of a term of imprisonment.

DOMAILLE received a sentence of 5 years imprisonment for the importation of methadone, with concurrent imprisonment of 2 years for each of three counts of "use, possession, or converting proceeds from drug trafficking [Money Laundering] with further terms of 12 months imprisonment to run concurrently for the remaining seven counts of importation or possession of Class A,B and C controlled drugs.

A confiscation hearing is to be set for a later date.

Rob Prow, Chief of the Guernsey Border Agency states that this was a clear and premeditated case of a drug trafficker who was motivated by profit. The benefit of DOMAILLE's drug trafficking sustained his criminal activity by reinvesting in further orders of Mephedrone in addition to funding a lifestyle that he could not achieve by legitimate means.

The timely intervention by the Guernsey Border Agency has broken that cycle and reduced the availability of an illegal and harmful drug.


For further information please contact Rob Prow, Chief of the Guernsey Border Agency on telephone number 01481 741400